• Ben Carlson Mentioned on Wired.com

    January 25, 2016 by Kris Venne

    Ben Carlson was quoted on a Wired.com article, you can read it here: http://www.wired.com/2016/01/the-rise-of-the-artificially-intelligent-hedge-fund/

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  • Some Recent Media For RWM

    January 21, 2016 by Kris Venne

    Barry was on NPR discussing The Big Short, you can read / listen here… http://wbur.fm/1Plasyu Barry’s recent Washington Post Column, it’s a good one… http://wapo.st/1PlauXk Masters in Business inspired new show… http://bit.ly/1PlawOO Ben Carlson was featured in a BuzzFeed article… http://bzfd.it/1PlayX1

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  • Michael Batnick’s Work Discussed on MarketWatch

    January 14, 2016 by Kris Venne

    Michael Batnick’s recent work over at The Irrelevant Investor (www.michaelbatnick.com) was discussed on MarketWatch.com, you can read it here: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/why-its-wrong-to-sell-everything-when-markets-fall-2016-01-13

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  • Barry Ritholtz Mentioned Several Times Today

    January 06, 2016 by Kris Venne

    Barry Ritholtz was mentioned several times today, you can read more here.. Roll Call: http://bit.ly/1mGQkKi Proactive Investors: http://bit.ly/1mGQn8T International Business Times: http://bit.ly/1mGQpO3

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  • Barry Quoted in MarketWatch and WealthManagement.com

    December 16, 2015 by Kris Venne

    Barry was quoted in MarketWatch and WealthManagement.com recently, you can read below… MarketWatch: http://on.mktw.net/1Nqn5UM WealthManagement.com: http://bit.ly/1Nqn4jQ

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  • Recent RWM Media Mentions…

    December 11, 2015 by Kris Venne

    Michael Batnick, CFA – our Director of Resarch – was profiled by The Evidence Based Investor, you can read it here: http://bit.ly/1Y8zVdm Ben Carlson, CFA – our Director of Institutional Asset Managment – was quoted in BD Live: http://bit.ly/1Y8A14N

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  • Barry Quoted by Nate Silver & Fortune Magazine

    December 02, 2015 by Kris Venne

    Barry was quoted buy Nate Silver on his popular FiveThirtyEight blog, and by Fortune Magazine… Fortune Magazine http://for.tn/1jzaMuJ FiveThirtyEight http://53eig.ht/1jzaOTf

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  • Josh Recognized on ETF.com…

    December 01, 2015 by Kris Venne

    Josh was recognized on ETF.com as a Next Wave Financial Advisor… http://bit.ly/1PYUIRd

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  • Michael Batnick’s Book Suggestions for Investors

    November 24, 2015 by Kris Venne

    Michael Batnick lists the 40 books he thinks you should be reading, read more on MarketWatch… http://on.mktw.net/1lgc4vH

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  • Tadas Viskanta over at Abnormal Returns Gives RWM a Nice Shout

    November 13, 2015 by Kris Venne

    Tadas Viskanta’s popular blog Abnormal Returns highlighted the work of RWM’s talented writers, read here… http://bit.ly/1HH7HnN

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