Sr. Advisor

How I arrived at RWM:

“Making good financial decisions is hard. I learned a lot about markets and risk management trading for more than a decade. When my wife and I started our family, I wanted less financial volatility and more financial stability. Managing risk in the trading world felt transactional, while managing risk for our clients is more durable. That’s the attitude at RWM, and that’s how I came to join the team.”

Favorite part of the Job:

“Forging a partnership with clients. When we help clients plan for their financial future and they succeed, so do we.”



When I’m not working:

“When I’m away from work, you’ll find me spending time with my family. My son and daughter are growing up fast. My wife and I are trying to see as much of that as we can. When my headphones are on, I’m listening to hip-hop; and when I’m reading, it’s about living healthy. And Twitter; there’s always time for Twitter…”


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