Associate Advisor

How I Arrived at RWM:

While in college, I worked in the insurance industry for a couple years and really didn’t like what I was seeing. So, I decided to find a new entry to the finance world. Oblivious to all of Fin-Twit and famous financial bloggers, I decided to start my own blog geared towards people my age to share with them the truth about money and some of the kinds of people to look out for. One thing led to another and I was guest writing for a few other advocates for financial literacy awareness. I met a gentleman from the Philadelphia area, who is now my mentor, who introduced me to Kris. We spoke on the phone one Friday, met the other partners shortly after and it has been uphill since then.

Favorite part of the job:

Being able to work with such impressive, like minded people on both sides; clients and colleagues, who inspire me to learn more and be better everyday. And being able to work in the city I’ve always dreamed of my whole life.




BSBA in Business from Bowling Green State University, majoring in Finance, Insurance, and Risk Management

When I’m Not Working:

I’m meeting new people and exploring New York City, working out, or trying to learn a new recipe. If I’m not doing either of those, I’m writing or learning to play the piano.


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