Sr. Advisor

How I arrived at RWM:

“My entrance into the industry was the way it is for many people — the wrong way. In the early 2000s I worked with a team of proprietary traders running their short-term stock screens. Eventually, I stepped into the trader role. I did well for a while but then the great financial crisis hit. I was exhausted, humbled and miserable.  Over the next few years, and through fits and starts, I found myself running a tactical strategy for a Portland-based Wealth Management firm. I slowly built up a client base of real estate investors and attorneys who were too focused on buying up properties after the crash to deal with their retirement accounts. Most of the portfolios were a patch-work of high-cost active mutual funds and/or obscure hedged strategies put together by an insurance company or wirehouse. The cost reductions alone were worth the switch.”

Favorite part of the job:

“I am incredibly fortunate to work with colleagues and clients that share a common mission, culture, and philosophy. In overseeing the Portland Portfolio, I bring clients a sustainability-themed version of our core portfolio. I have long respected Barry Ritholtz for his consistently calm and honest voice. To have the opportunity to work with one of my heroes is a dream come true.”




Columbia College of Chicago
Kent State University

When I’m Not Working:

“I live and work in Bend, Oregon with my wife, Val, and dog, Ira. Most weekends you can find us cycling throughout the Pacific Northwest. In my free time, I serve on the board of a summer camp organization that also provides free day and overnight camp activities for food-insecure children.”


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