How I arrived at RWM:

“For many years, I was a big fan boy of both Barry Ritholtz and Josh Brown, and later began following Ben Carlson and Michael Batnick. Their blogs kept me sane during the great financial crisis. I used their wisdom in many client letters when I had my own independent firm, ATI Investment Consulting, Inc. On a lark, I sent RWM a message inquiring about a project to help clean up the current cesspool that is also called non-Erisa public school teachers’ 403(b) plans. Kris Venne got right back to me and the next thing you know we were meeting with everybody. We hit it off immediately and decided to deep-six the project idea and go all in and merge our firms. The rest is history.” 

Favorite part of the job:

“Liberating people from the greedy hands of financial predators who exploit their lack of financial literacy and suppress client wealth is a favorite part of my job. I also like exposing the bad guys on my blog and making connections to other areas of discipline to help people understand investing. Going into classrooms and teaching kids financial literacy is also pretty cool Completing comprehensive financial plans and explaining them in English gives me great pleasure. Showing clients that investing is filled with uncertainty and being brutally honest about the lack of definite answers in this sphere is a task that I also enjoy. Not having to remember what our philosophy is helps me sleep at night.”




  • Hofstra University, M.S. Secondary Education
  • Boston University, B.A. Economics, Minor History

When I’m Not Working:

“I enjoy working out, eating Italian food and gardening.  Attending my twin sons’ sporting events and reading good books on any topic are big on my agenda. Watching the Giants and Yankees can sometimes be pleasurable activities.”

What’s on My Mind:

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