RITHOLTZ WEALTH MANAGEMENT is a registered investment advisory (RIA) firm focused on providing financial planning and wealth management services to our clients. We use our technological savvy and planning expertise to enable investors to achieve their specific life and retirement goals.

We work directly with clients on a conflict-free, fiduciary basis and choose to be held to a fiduciary standard. Giving the right advice is the soul of our firm.

We work for – and are solely compensated by – our clients; those are the only interests we serve.

Founded in New York City in September 2013, Ritholtz Wealth Management offers the following services to clients nationwide:


We believe in low-cost, simple investment plans in a marketplace of near-limitless complexity. The strategies and solutions we utilize are selected specifically to address the objectives of each client. Learn More »


Estate planning, life insurance, asset-backed lending and corporate retirement plans can all play an important role in the lives of our clients. We’ve coordinated with top providers in these areas so that we can incorporate these services in a comprehensive manner. Learn More »


Through various partnerships with providers such as TD Ameritrade and Vanguard, as well as long established Third Party Administrators, we are able to help design, implement, and manage corporate retirement plans structured to your specific needs. Learn More »


Foundations, endowments and pension plans have unique intentions based on their specific organization’s mission.  Our fiduciary approach allows us to objectively tailor and execute plans, keeping true to each organization’s  goal and risk tolerance. Learn More »